Fernando Aggaro born in Madrid in 1961. He began studying engineering based on his passion for the aesthetics of buildings and art, becoming a Civil Engineer, Channels and Ports, which already has over 25 years experience.

Through its experience in the design and execution of civil engineering constructions, as well as the aesthetics of bridges, contact with various materials that will influence your creative process and form the essence of their designs.

His vocation for design and creation is reflected in the performance of sketches that show, from the beginning, all this background and interest in different art forms. As a result creates a form of innovative sculptural language that results in a new conception of sculpture, sculpture applied founding in late 2010, Aggaro Functional Art, which embodies these principles through sculptures that are declined in others that gives functionality, this being his great contribution to the art world.

Because of such influences, the fusion of art and engineering design, and art and functionality is reflected in the designs of Fernando Aggaro, creating unique pieces of functional art and craft materials exclusive production in which the slenderness and stability engineering intertwine with the purity and harmony of art.


The Functional Art, based on a new conception of sculpture, sculpture applied, born of suppression of the distance between the observer and the sculpture provides, making it interact with and enjoyment, by offering a handy utility also artistic. The sculpture is completed by making use of a feature, so that the satisfaction of a need by the sculpture is how to understand and grasp them. From this premise the Functional Art is born, through sculpture applied.

Sculptures where utility, technical and art fuse, causing the symbiosis between form and function are created.

The creation of a matrix is ​​the root sculpture and artistic idea of ​​a collection consists of an ordered series of all the ways you can take that array sculpture based on usage that will have. Each transmits a mode of innovative sculptural language that results in a new conception of sculpture, sculpture applied where reason and emotion converge, where form and function go hand in hand.

Living art become each of the declines of the original sculpture, conceptual basis of the collection, providing them with a different application while maintaining all their common DNA, transforming our habitat into an artistic creation, is the axiom of functional art AGGARO.


Aggaro space exhibition is a meeting point where ideas and cultural projects Fernando Aggaro and functional art through sculpture applied are presented. The presentation in this innovative space Aggaro sculptural language intended to eliminate the distance between the observer, unaware of the process of creation and expression, and includes sculpture.

Within the space enjoys Aggaro the genesis of the project, the search for an aesthetic pleasure through sketches that create lines and volumes that generate dynamic, livable and living forms.

The symbiosis of art and functionality creates a perfect balance at the crossroads expression of sensitivity and the search for a practical use.

Fernando Aggaro manages to generate a new way of seeing and feeling the sculpture, making aesthetic useful addition to using materials and techniques that make the characteristics of each work in relation to the formal and expressive aspects, this by serving who admires , mingling with the practical context and becoming functional to enjoy it. A new conception of sculpture, applied sculpture